Maximize Ad Performance and Revenue

By connecting the dots between fragmented online and offline presences

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Retail Sales Still Happen In-store (≈$20T Global)


Use Online Search Prior to Going In-Store


ROAS; Local Ads vs Online Only Ads


Turnover Efficiency per Visit Offline/Online

Maximize ad performance and revenue by facilitating in-store
data to online customers, and measuring the offline conversion of digital campaigns

Maximize Ad Performance and Revenue

Don’t throw your money away! In digital marketing, more than half of the return on investment(ROI) comes from in-store sales. With offline attribution, measure this huge missing piece. Through comprehensive understanding, optimize your marketing strategies and maximize your revenue.

Let Shoppers See What’s In-Store

Showcase your in-store product availability to shoppers searching online, and boost your sales. Shoppers view in-store inventory with product page links, store hours, and get directions options to your stores.

Help Shoppers Find Your Stores

VenueX makes it easy for your customers to find your businesses online. Take control of your business profiles across the web and showcase up-to-date information about your stores. Maximize your online visibility with an all-in-one platform.

Improve Your Customer Satisfaction

Ensure you stay connected with your audience. Easily monitor and respond to customer reviews from various platforms, including Google Maps. Harness the power of feedback to enhance customer satisfaction, boost your brand reputation, and drive business growth.